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Testosterone XL Protocol review

Why Do You Need The Testosterone XL Protocol?

First of all, thank you for reading my Testosterone XL Protocol review. Let’s get started. You know what? Society doesn’t want you to have a high T level. Why? Simple. High testosterone men are decisive, strong willed and always to find ways to become better.

Low testosterone men are often misdiagnosed as being depressed when in fact they’re just suffering from being low in a natural chemical. You see low T men everywhere – in marriages that drain them mentally and financially, being uncertain about where to go in life and lacking the confidence to take calculated risks to become better.

Product Name: Testosterone XL Protocol

Author: Robert Shaw

Bonus: Yes

Official Website: testosteronexlprotocol.com

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Increasing your testosterone has nothing to do with the macho stereotypes that pop into people’s head when you say you want high testosterone. Testosterone has positive physical effects on the male body as well as positive mental effects.

Despite what people may say, increasing your testosterone has nothing to do with steroids and has everything to do with becoming the best version of yourself.

If you haven’t heard of Testosterone XL Protocol, I suggest you to watch this video presentation first.

review the testosterone xl protocol robert shaw

the testosterone xl protocol robert shaw review video

So why do you need this program? You need it because the health scene is loaded with misinformation. Some people have the audacity to try and sell you pills to increase a chemical naturally found in your body.

Robert Shaw’s Testosterone Xl Protocol gives you the tools to naturally increase how much testosterone your body produces. This is the safest and most effective way to reap the benefits of a higher testosterone level. Trust me.

How Does The Food Guide Work?

The main Food Guide takes an objective look at how to lead a healthy diet without sacrificing on taste or living on green juices.

Testosterone XL ProtocolThe Food Guide gives you a crash course on how food affects your body’s testosterone production. The program does an excellent job of educating you on what causes low T levels and new positive habits to develop. You learn about foods that get in the way of your natural production of testosterone and easy ways to get them in your diet.

In addition to all the education, the Food Guide gives you a variety of smoothies and a 28-day Testosterone boosting plan for you follow.

The main Food Guide ends by introducing you to the final component of higher testosterone levels: exercising. You learn about common exercising myths and how to maximize your workouts. All in all, the Food Guide makes it easy to kick-start your journey to higher testosterone.

How Does The Supplements Guide Work?

The Supplements Guide takes a look at which natural herbs and vitamins you can use to boost your testosterone levels. A government approved research study backs each recommended supplement. Some herbs you’ll recognize right away like ginger and grape seed extract and others will take some work to find.

The herbal supplements more the double the effectiveness of your new diet and exercise routine. You’ll notice after a while of taking these supplements that your body just operates better with them in your system. All the herbs also contribute to your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone.

What Are The Bonuses Like In This Program?

The Sleep Boosting Bible

Testosterone XL Protocol reviewSleep is a crucial part of getting your body to work for you. Your body needs to time recover. It’s a fact your body operates better with adequate amounts of sleep. Also, certain hormones that strengthen your body are only released at night.

This bonus does a fantastic job outlining new habits for you to adapt that make falling asleep easier. If you suffer from insomnia or just have trouble sleeping, there are long-term solutions included in this bonus.

The Sleep Boosting Bible also gives you an overview of equipment you need to ensure you’re getting a proper rest every night. If you spend your time following the diet, exercise and supplement recommendations in this program, you might as well make it more effective by learning how to optimize your sleep.

The Language Of Love

Testosterone XL Protocol reviewsWith all the extra testosterone you’re going to have, it’s imperative you learn how to talk to girls. The Language Of Love details how to present yourself to women in a way that gets them interested.

The language of love gives you a confidence boosts and shows you how to believe in yourself. You also learn how to handle key situations and conversations that are sure to arise when dealing with a new woman in your life.

Go All Night

Testosterone XL Protocol go all nightThe Go All Night bonus is to make sure your efforts getting girls aren’t in vain. Premature ejaculation is a fear every guy has, but giving your body the right nutrients can control it. The Go all Night bonus gives you recommendations on foods and supplements that make it easier for you to last longer. All of the recommendations are completely natural, and some of the foods are already included in the main program diet.

The Go All Night bonus just speaks to the quality of this program. There are a ton of gimmick products out there used to treat premature ejaculation that this program could have easily tried to pawn on you. Instead of jerking you around, this program shows you the best way to combat this problem.

What’s Included In The Advanced 30-Day Meal Plan?

The Testosterone XL Protocol

The 30-day meal plan is what every diet should look like. No unnecessary introductions, no long instructions, just simple week-by-week, day-by-day recommendations for your meals.

In addition to meal recommendations, the advanced 30-day meal plan gives you daily supplements to take. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll a significant increase in your energy and confidence.

The meals included are incredibly easy to make. Each meal recommendation gets you using ingredients that are known to increase testosterone. Each day plans for breast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

The biggest benefit of the advanced meal plan is consistency in your diet. When using natural remedies to your advantage, consistently getting them in your system is key to making them work. The advanced meal plan makes it super easy to get all the foods that increase testosterone in your body.

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What Can I Expect From The Testosterone Boosting Recipes?

The Testosterone Boosting Recipes from the advanced program gives you simple techniques to get testosterone boosting foods into your diet. This is a no-nonsense guide. From the very first page, you’re introduced to the recipes you need to include in your daily diet.

Not only are the included recipes healthy, but they also allow you to keep your sense of adventure when it comes to food. You can be on the best diet in the world, but if it doesn’t have variety, you’ll quickly get bored. The Testosterone Boosting Recipes have an excellent variety of healthy and tasty recipes in the program.

An additional component of the advance program is the Shopping Lists guide. This is a preformatted 4-week grocery-shopping list. All you need to do is bring the list with you to the grocery store.

The Shopping Lists addition ensures you have all the foods you need to enjoy a high testosterone diet. The Shopping Lists program goes hand in hand with the 30-Day Meal Plan and the Testosterone Boosting Recipes.

Now That My T Is Up – What Do I Do About Being Horny?

If you’re not careful, this is a problem that can haunt you. The fact of the matter is, if you’re interested in having high testosterone, then you’re going to have to prepare for your sexual needs to increase.

Thankfully the earlier Language of Love and Go All Night bonuses help you out a bit with this problem. However, the advanced program has even more tips to help you deal with and control your sexual energy. Here are the advanced bonuses you get to stimulate your sexual life.

Epic Erections

Every man has some underlying fear about erectile dysfunction. Even if ED hasn’t affected your life, the Epic Erections bonus has great information for keeping it that way. This bonus educates you on factors that contribute to ED and how to break these harmful habitsTestosterone XL Protocol robert shaw

You also learn about physical treatment options and the side effects of common ED drugs like Viagra. Just like the other bonuses, you learn about foods that influence your ability to maintain prolonged erections.

The Manhood Maximizer

Size is something all men have worried about before, unless, of course, you’re unbelievable lucky in that department.

Testosterone XL Protocol review robert shaw

Fortunately, it’s not what you have but how you use it. The Manhood Maximizer shows you how to get the most out of what you have without resorting to drastic measures like penis enlargement surgery.

In this bonus, you’ll find foods that contribute to increased blood flow while you have an erection and exercises you can do to stimulate your erections. You also get a 7-day food and supplement protocol that helps increase blood flow and indirectly increase the size of your penis.

Porn Star Stamina

This bonus is aimed at showing you how to build stamina. The program begins by explaining factors that impact sexual stamina and how to understand the female orgasm. The Porn Star Stamina program does an excellent job of covering all aspects that influence stamina including how to master your mindset and not let stress affect your performance.

robert shaw Testosterone XL Protocol pdf

In addition to all the information you also get exercises that help you improve your ejaculatory control. When you combine these with the recommended positions for lasting sex, you’ll notice your stamina is nothing compared to what it was before.


As you can see from all the content you get, the Testosterone XL Protocol is not fooling around. This is a comprehensive program that not only increases your testosterone but also shows you how to lead a healthy and fruitful life.

Best of all the Testosterone XL Protocol comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. There’s literally zero risks to taking your first steps towards a better life!

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